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One day I got a call from someone looking for some health related products and I asked her what she did for a living. Just to put this in perspective… I don't think I had ever asked anybody that question before and probably never did again after that. Looking back I realize it was a divine connection. She told me she was a health coach and that she helped people drop body fat. Now I'm an RN by education and I knew it required protein, so my only question was what kind of protein were they using. She told me New Zealand Whey and I mentally 'checked in'.  We had sold another company's New Zealand Whey and I already knew it was the 'gold standard' of proteins. This 'jewel' went one step further and was undenatured which meant it was cold membrane filtered and that all the active enzymes were intact, along with the full amino profile.  I was impressed. The nutritional cleansing system was cellular, not organ specific and not a bowel cleanse.  Further impressed.

The next part is very interesting because I figured out it was 'networking'. I remember saying I wasn't going to do that network marketing thing but that I wasn't stupid either. If it worked for me I might tell a few people. I asked what I needed to do.  She said come in and bring in two. And so I did that night,  our two daughters.


I was an instant Consultant, had no idea what that meant. I was pretty noncompliant especially during the Holidays and I still managed to lose 25 pounds and 50 inches. People started to notice and by default my business was born. 

These products and the money opp have  literally changed our lives. I am so thankful for the visionary genius of our formulators and self sacrificing support of our corporate owners. I have seen hundreds of people get their lives back, including our 2 daughters who are now healthy and walk in abundance! 

When asked about the money opportunity,  I tell people it's not a get rich quick scheme, it's more like a get rich gradual. Ha! It happens while you're walking through your life helping other ppl. 


To read more about my journey and how I have the health and life I've always wanted, Click on the article on this page!

Hi! I'm Carol Tonkin. I'm so excited to meet you!  My greatest joy would be help others on their journey to abundant health!


Here's my story as it relates to my family's transformation...


My family and I owned  an online nutritional supplement business that was very successful but kept us very busy. Prior, our twin 20 y/o daughters had been diagnosed with a chronic illness that kept them pretty much debilitated, at home and under our care.  That led us to search for answers to get them well and back to a 'normal' life. To say we didn't have drama would be an understatement. We know what's it's like to live one day at a time... always in search of "the key"!

My Story

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