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Weight Loss

Obesity and Visceral Fat 

Many people gain weight as they age, and sometimes it's so gradual that it slips by unnoticed—until you suddenly can't slip into your favorite pair of jeans!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose which areas of your body lose fat first? Unfortunately, we have no say in the matter of fat burning, as that process is largely dictated by neural factors and hormones in the body.

However, scientific studies have revealed more about the factors that determine why our bodies burn fat in certain places.


Blood Flow and Body Fat Release

Blood flow and body fat release are related. Body fat tissue, or adipose tissue is highly vascular, responsive to hormones, and even releases its own hormones.

Visceral belly fat, or abdominal fat that surrounds internal organs, is associated with cardiovascular health in part due to its release of hormones and detrimental effects on metabolism.

The good news is there’s a key to unlocking fat release from “stubborn” areas. It’s simply to focus on getting rid of visceral fat first.

By focusing on visceral fat, then maintaining a consistency in weight loss, you will eventually burn off subcutaneous fat from “stubborn” areas.

Here are some contributing factors that play a crucial role in weight loss and maintenance.


Exercising on a daily basis not only burns calories and supports muscle maintenance, but it can help with the release of more catecholamines that can lead to a faster release of visceral fat, as well as facilitate more blood flow in “stubborn” areas.

Intermittent fasting, such as Cleanse Days on an Isagenix System is shown to help rapidly reduce visceral fat providing a head start to burning more fat in other areas.

Increasing intake of protein, particularly whey protein, while reducing intake of total carbohydrate such as through the use of meal replacement shakes is shown to help speed up the loss of visceral fat and facilitate weight loss more consistently week to week.

Eating more polyunsaturated fats from plants and fish decreases the activity of alpha-2 receptors, as well as supports blood sugar control, which can assist in mobilizing both the release of visceral and subcutaneous body fat.

Drinking caffeine as part of a daily routine can not only help power workouts, but may also support the release of catecholamines in the body contributing to release of visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Consistency in the battle for weight loss is critical. Maintaining a Lifestyle with wholesome nutrition, intermittent fasting with cellular cleansing, ensuring an adequate intake of water, getting proper sleep, and routine exercise will all work together to get you back in the body you deserve to Live in! 


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